Ever since I bought my Canon 80D, I have been looking for a good camera strap. I find hanging a camera around my neck very annoying and prefer having it hang off my shoulder. I bought a BlackRapid strap, but had two big problems with it. The first was that it was to small and the second was that it uses up the quick change plate / tripod socket. However, I like to keep the quick change plate attached to my camera.

I was at my local Henry’s Camera Store the other day looking for a new camera bag and asked about straps. The sales associate suggested the Peak Design Slide┬ácamera strap. After using it for a photo walk, I have to say I love it.

To start with, I love how it slides. It is a sling style strap; however, instead of moving the camera along the strap, you move the entire strap. On one side of the strap is a really slide-y surface, so picking up the camera and moving it is really smooth. There is almost no friction at all against your clothes. On the other side of the strap, though, is a sticky surface for those times when you want the camera to stay in one place.

Another thing I really like about the strap is that it can attach to a quick change plate. You attach one end to one of the strap hooks and the other to your quick change plate. This is done using small quick changes pieces that snap into the strap. This allows the camera lense to hang down instead of sticking out and hitting everything you walk past.

I will definitely be purchasing a second strap for my other camera.

September 15, 2018

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